Reddit nbastreams Banned – Alternatives to NBA Online 2020

Reddit once more made a frustrating decision against its users. Just after deleting the subreddit page of SoccerStreams, CricketStreams, and MmaStreams, popular subreddit of the NBA community has been taken down under the URL/r/nbastreams.

Those who’d never been to the subreddit list, let me offer a brief idea. This was a subreddit network of over 400,000 members who enjoy thinking about basketball. But why is it outlawed? Speaking about basketball is there anything wrong? None at all. But the issue was, most people are using this as a platform for free access and sharing links leading to illegal NBA live streams. Thousands of subscribers post direct or acestream connections to Watch NBA Online free of charge whenever there was an NBA game going on. On that list, nearly all quality streaming links such as 480p, 720p, 1080p were available.

This is definitely illegal and damages those corporations that have acquired the broadcast rights. The streaming connections are very difficult to track and take down, unlike downloadable content. Especially acestream connections which work on a peer-to-peer basis. Though that might be the case for copyright holders, passing copyright notice against streaming NBA Reddit subreddit was a good idea to avoid streaming links spreading.

Whatever the cause, for one more season, Reddit had to wait until the NBA Finals so that the users could make use of the subreddit. Just after the deletion, users will see only that Reddit banned “r/nbastreams. Under Reddit’s Repeat Copyright Infringement Policy this forum was barred. “error message. One funny fact is that two other leading streaming subreddits are still around, r/nflstreams and r/mlbstreams websites.

How to Watch Free NBA Online?

Reddit nbastreams Discord Channel 

You should know what a discord channel is and how it operates. Discord is a freeware chat app used for both computers and mobile devices. You can use the web app to work with any computer which supports a web browser. You can exchange text, pictures, videos, and connections to other embers in real-time using the discord site. The Nba Reddit Stream team has already learned that Reddit will take the forum down soon. So they already began this channel of discord before the takedown subreddit.

“ Thank you so much for joining NBA Chat! We like to think you’ve come to the best place on the internet for a basketball conversation. We have everything you need for the ultimate experience of basketball. This channel will explain how things work and help answer most of our questions.

You will read this message on this channel’s welcome page. However, by going to the right site, you can access streams.” You don’t need to worry about those messages. You are definitely going to get what you are looking for. Good news to searchers communicating with Flow.

“Every game has a very own voice and text channel! They open 30 minutes before the start of the game and close 30 minutes after the end of the game. These are public spaces where you can explore the game in real-time with others! With live score alerts and more, this is where you should go while doing basketball multi-screening.

Here’s where you get the ties. Before each match new channels are opened. There you’ll find both direct and acestream links up to 1080p quality. Enter the channel of discord from link below:

2. Free Live Sports Streams

We have already posted a few posts on For all sports, including football, hockey, basketball, tennis, cricket, etc., this is a free streaming platform. Among these, covers all major tournaments such as UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, Spanish League, Copa America, NHL ice hockey and NBA basketball. They use Peer 2 Peer technology to offer high-quality streams amongst millions of visitors. Under every stream there will be a comment section, so users can share their own server links with the public. All you need to have is to create a free account to access the comment section on this web site.

This website also provides not only live streaming but also highlights from recent games. Furthermore, you can see all the games ‘ live scores and you won’t miss anything if there’s any kind of interference between them. You need to install the flash player for browser playbacks and install sopcast software on your computer for sopcast streaming.


There are far more websites and apps on your smartphone and PC to get live NBA games. We can not mention them at any one time. We will regularly update this page so you won’t miss new NBA streaming services content. Meanwhile, if you know any better option than the services above, please comment below. It will support thousands of NBA fans searching for professional streaming connections.

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