KickAssTorrents (kat) Proxy, unblock

Kickass torrents is a meta search engine which was created in 2008. According to TorrentFreak, it is the second most common torrent site after thepiratebay in 2014. Thanks to the possibility for domain takeover they shifted from several domains and eventually settled in domain. They have more than 10 million torrents, and each day they add up more. They do provide an api for uploading all the data from their website. Both the torrents are classified into nine main categories and various subcategories. Together with a user-based voting system and a very strong user group, this website has a big advantage over other torrent pages that function as an index.

Users may also upload requests for new torrents, and user milestones are displayed on the achievement page encouraging further participation. The website is also available in about 45 languages, making it easier to browse the material for non-English users. domain is suspended as a result of switching TLD. They have api to get all torrents identified on the website. To conveniently add these to the search engine list, Opensearch is also supported. Users will offer fresh suggestions or input on the program in a part of the website called the concept box, where other users will upvote the function they found interesting.

KickassTorrents is a BitTorrent indexing website that started in 2008. The platform is one of BitTorrent’s most popular sites, benefiting from a growing number of users while ThePirateBay has been offline for 2 months. The platform is officially ranked 75th overall by Alexa and ranked 29th in India and 98th in the US. SimilarWeb data indicates almost 400 million people visiting a month with 27 percent of the traffic originating from the United States.

In July 2015, Google Chrome was confirmed to have begun blocking links to the site because of the site having “harmful programs.”

The platform has changed the domain names many times over the course of 2014 and 2015. The platform moved to Kickass proxy is in November 2014. The domain was confiscated by the Somalian registry, however, and the platform eventually jumped at Kickass Proxy site for a span of 24 hours. In steps to remove the domain name from the Isle of Man domain register, the site transferred to the new domain

The platform receives income from ads and partnership arrangements, some with firms that produce applications intended to mask BitTorrent users from ISP detection and tracking.

Like for the other pages, no information on the identities of those running the service or where it is geographically situated are given on the web, and copyright holders have had to try alternate solutions. In 2012, right-holders in Italy were successful in getting the site blocked by all local ISPs, through coordination with the fiscal police (GDF). Key ISPs in the UK were told to block the site in March 2013. Belgian ISPs began blocking the site in August 2013 and similarly, Irish ISPs began restricting entry to the site in January 2014. More recently, Danish ISPs were forced to begin blocking links to the site in March 2015.

Today resides at several separate IP addresses suggesting that a type of content delivery network is being used.

Kickass torrents update was shut down and their founder arrested. Modified latest Kickass Proxy is

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